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lifeisaverbAt our always delightful book club* gathering yesterday the topic was Integrity. We spoke of it from many angles and found that many of the facets of this character trait are really “multi-facets” because life has become so complex. One of the areas that we touched on was religious law and practice. I will leave you to ponder the complexities of that topic yourselves; I’m sure the perspectives regarding that topic will be at least as diverse as conversation about gun laws. In the “Action” section that followed each story of the chapter, there was – for me – probably the most helpful idea. After recommending to the reader that s/he think of a recent argument s/he had, the author says: Now write for four more minutes framing the other person’s perspective as right. What a brilliant idea! Of course it would only work if one were really committed to going deep in telling the truth of the experience.

Since all the schools are closed today because of freezing rain and ice, maybe I’ll take a “snow day” and add that to my activities. Even if theoretically, it should be a fascinating exercise!

*Our book is Life Is a Verb by Patti Digh and is definitely worth the time and energy.