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amealOn days like today when I read Paul’s directives about doing “everything for the glory of God,” I find myself saying, “Yup…Okay…I’ll avoid giving offense…Yes…I got that…” or words to that effect – assuming that I have taken Paul’s words to heart and that I’ll remember when situations arise that call for attention to my “spiritual nature.” If I’m honest I have to admit that sometimes I’m soaring on automatic pilot at these times because the words are so familiar. Usually it’s the extreme situations that call our attention more quickly to a response.

So just now I read for the third time: Brothers and sisters, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do everything for the glory of God. Eating and drinking for the glory of God…Who thinks about that? Suddenly a flood of questions: Do I ever just eat or drink? (Mostly I have a book in my hand or on my lap.) Do I savor what I’m eating? (Even if we’re watching TV during supper, i.e. “dinner theater?”) Can I taste differences in flavor in the different bites? What about different textures? Am I grateful just to have enough food to eat – even if I don’t especially like what I’m eating? Do I ever over-eat? I could go on…

Reverence for food and gratitude that I have enough to eat seems a “no-brainer” too often so today I will try to make it a conscious activity of my brain to offer praise and glory to God for every bite or sip that passes my lips and keeps me strong for the work of God in the world.