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agodhandThis morning I have so many people and events and conversations in my mind and heart that I cannot make sense of any particular train of thought. After a time of trying, I just pulled Meg Wheatley’s book, Perseverance off my shelf to borrow a message from her. Before I got to open it – because of the way I grabbed it, I guess – a bookmark came sailing out and landed on my lap. So here is the message that must be the right one for today. I hope we will all include everyone we hold in our hearts in this intention and be grateful for the anonymous writer of the prayer.

I Said A Prayer For You Today

I said a prayer for you today and know God must have heard. I felt the answer in my heart although God spoke no word. I didn’t ask for wealth or fame; I knew you wouldn’t mind. I asked God to send treasures of a far more lasting kind. I asked that God would be near you at the start of each new day, to grant you health and blessings and friends to share your way. I asked for happiness for you in all things great and small, but it was for God’s loving care I prayed the most of all.