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aburningbushThe second of the “O” Antiphons (see yesterday’s post) harks back all the way to Moses and the giving of the covenant on Mount Sinai. The Hebrew word Adonai means Lord or Master and is used to signify sovereignty. It is difficult for us to conceive of that concept for God as it is used in the culture of Old Testament times, especially as we are considering the coming of Christ as the human Jesus. If, however, we think of God as Creator of the universe, willing and able to manifest in whatever way will speak to humanity for good in any time and culture, it is a powerful statement. Below are three translations of the antiphon. Consider each as the work of the “Master of the Universe” and see if they are fitting as preparation in Judeo-Christian history for the fulfillment of what we know as the “Christ event.”

  1. O Adonai, you are the covenant maker and the promise giver. You appeared to Moses in the burning bush and gave him the commandments. Come, set us free to serve you.
  2. O Lord of Ancient Israel, giver of the Law of Moses on Sinai, rescue us with your mighty power.
  3. O Lord, fulfill our deepest longings…Come!