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astillnessI’m sitting in the dark quiet of the Sophia House, our satellite “office” of the Sophia Center, where I am the only one up and moving. (Somebody has to make the coffee and start the water for tea!) We are here – 5 of us – for 24 hours of consideration of Advent. The questions we will consider today constellate around the idea of the Christ coming into the earthly realm for the benefit of the world. We have all been convinced of this since we were very young, as most Christians are. The lens through which we will look, however, is one of our responsibility to participate in the mission of Jesus as he is present and active in our lives today. Two questions will guide us:

  1. How can my longing for Christ to be born into my heart affect my awareness of responsibility for change in my life and/or in the lives of others?
  2. Might I more easily or frequently pay attention to God in stillness? Where might I find more silence in my life?

These are the two sides of what Thomas Merton spoke of long ago in his book, Contemplation in a World of Action, and might prove helpful for us as we journey through this season of Advent toward a new arising of Christ consciousness in our world and in our own hearts.