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aseethelightThe gospel this morning tells Luke’s version of the encounter Jesus had with a blind man. I am always struck in the healing stories when Jesus asks the desire of the person he meets who is in need. I never doubt that he can see that condition in the person, so either he is looking for a statement of faith or he wants to be sure of the depth of the person’s intention or desire to be healed. Although life might be easier for the man if he gets his sight, there may be new responsibilities attached to the healing as well. Maybe he will have to find a job, rather than sitting by the side of the road begging. Certainly he will need to become attentive to people who are in need of help with certain life tasks because of infirmities. Who better since he has been there himself?

My wondering when I hear Jesus ask “What do you want me to do for you?” is whether there are nuances to the question – as well as to the answer, especially in this case of: “Please let me see.” My train of thought about all that this morning was verified by a great example of synchronicity in Alan Cohen’s reflection for today. In speaking about enlightenment he writes the following prayer: Give me inspiration to look within for my answers. Help me to take the time to be with myself and find the peace I seek. Then, as an affirmation, he ends with: In quiet I look within and discover the light I am.

So it’s not only a question of seeing with our physical eyes. It seems we must be willing to do the deeper inner work in order to truly see the light that God offers us if we have the courage to ask for it.