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acourtyardToday I am filled with gratitude for all that was experienced during the meeting that I was anticipating yesterday at sunrise (See my previous post). Generosity of heart and spirit flowed throughout our deliberations. Insights shared around our tables of six or seven broadened our perspectives and laughter punctuated the process of coming to the weighty decisions we had to make. In the end thankfulness poured out in a powerful prayer of blessing for those women who will lead us forward into the future. I will bring this remembrance to the table on Thursday as we celebrate our Thanksgiving dinner at our home.

Over the next few days I intend to gather all the experiences of this year in a “basket of blessings” in order to come consciously to the feast of Thanksgiving. I was prompted to this idea by Psalm 128 from today’s lectionary texts as well as from the commentary that followed. Perhaps all of us might benefit from such a practice this week.

PsalmBlessed are you who walk upon the paths of God. Your life is  filled with hidden blessings which overflow from your hands, the gift of many labors. And blessings like fruit-bearing trees and vines spring forth and flourish from the garden of your house…And all who honor God upon this path shall know a cornucopia of good. For it is God, the center of the heart, who prospers life until its end. So you who hear and pray this prayer, come close and live within the circle of God’s care. And may God’s special peace be yours one generation to another.

Reflection: Think of your heart as an inner courtyard where the garden of God’s life grows. Its fruits are seen in the outer world, but the root and core lies there. Imagine how you might tend this garden maintaining hidden balances and right relationships between all things. (Ancient Songs Sung Anew)