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amagentasunriseHaving set up the coffee last night for the Sisters staying on the guest floor at our Province Center, I was surprised to be the first arriving in the kitchen this morning. I thought someone would have been awake before 6:30…I could hardly click the switch on the coffee maker, however, so glorious was the scene unfolding outside the window. The still darkish dawn sky was splashed with waves of deep magenta, growing brighter by the minute! But there was nothing hurried about the sun’s rise to the top of the hills across the Hudson River in Troy – nor of the coffee maker, I might add…

Joined by another Sister seeking a wake-up, we stood in silent stillness, companioned by the trees – unmoving as we all were in the silence, facing east – waiting for the brilliance that was sure to come. We watched as much of the magenta turned to gray, leaving a center patch that slowly morphed into deep gold…then a lighter, less ostentatious backdrop. Occasionally we shared a whispered hope for this day of deliberation at the Province Assembly: “May we move from the enthusiasm of our greetings with one another, carrying good feeling to the work of the meeting…”  “May we slow down and quietly wait for the Spirit to speak among us…”

It sounds strange to describe something that has been so deliberately awaited as sudden, but the actual breaking of the first rays of the sun and the swift blinding light that followed over the mountain was a breathtaking event! As I arrived back in my room, the clock told me we had been there for a full half-hour! I was reminded of Teilhard de Chardin’s famous adage: “Trust in the slow work of God!” Clearly God’s work of today has been marvelously begun. Now it’s up to us to join our effort to God’s in the work that awaits us. May we all trust the certainty that God’s loving light will unfailingly lead us!