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awindytreeLast night as I was getting into bed the wind came up with a suddenness and ferocity that made me wonder if there was a storm to follow. It seemed to abate quickly though and did not disturb my sleep as sometimes happens. All seemed very quiet this morning as I woke saying, “not yet please,” grateful for the luxury of a slow start to the day with no perceptible weather event outside. I was mistaken, however, about the wind. While not singing, it seems eager to dance in the tall, straight maple tree just across the yard.

Sometimes when I’m sitting, just preparing mentally for a task, my eyes take in the books on the shelves to my left. It’s a comfort, really, to know that these friends sit waiting for me with so much to say! Yesterday the muted red cover of a book I did not recognize urged me to pull it out from its place on the bottom shelf. As I did, I realized the treasure I hadn’t opened lately. It’s a wonderful “gift that keeps on giving” and provided me with a lovely tidbit to share this morning. See what you think:


A man born blind can easily deny the magnificence of a vast landscape. He can easily deny all the wonders he cannot touch, smell, taste or hear. But one day the wind will show its kindness and remove the tiny patches that cover your eyes, and you will see God more clearly than you have ever seen yourself. (Meister Eckhart)

Love Poems from God: Twelve Sacred Voices from the East and West by Daniel Ladinsky