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Take OffI drink a lot of water. After my morning coffee I rarely have any beverage other than water. I try always to have a container of water in my car, especially on a day of travel, but even for the half-hour trip to my local office I am annoyed at myself if I forget to refill my bottle. One would think I lived in the desert…

The Book of Psalms contains many beautiful expressions of the desire for God but sometimes I think Psalm 63 (the lectionary choice for today) should be my everyday prayer because I understand the sentiments from experience. Listen:

O God, you are my God for whom I seek; for you my flesh pines and my soul thirsts like the earth, parched lifeless and without water.

Not only that but it feels like a dance. How can one stand still while singing: Thus have I gazed toward you in the sanctuary…Lifting up my hands, I will call upon your name…and in the shadow of your wings I shout for joy.

This is definitely a psalm to be embodied. I recommend memorizing just those lines, then standing up and singing it aloud in your authentic voice – with no concern about tone or melody because no one is listening. Once it has become a felt sense inside, you are ready to dance! Lift up your hands and move toward God to find your place enfolded in God’s wings in the sanctuary of your heart.

What do you have to lose?