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arainstormWe are in the midst of tropical storm Philippe this morning – the first weather event this year that has affected us at all. While other locations in our country have been devastated by flood or fire, we in Upstate New York have been blessedly spared from any damaging storms. Even this one just seems to be a steady, soaking rain but we are being warned to prepare for flooding. I believe the warning is just for overflowing streams in locations around the state as it seems that the storm has done its worst elsewhere. I will need to check the basement for water seepage later but mostly today it seems that our task will be to stay inside as much as possible and reflect on the fact that we are still not in charge of everything in life.

In that thought rests possibility if we use the day as an opportunity for deeper consciousness. If we call God to mind each time we consciously hear the drumming of the rain, the day may not be spent in grumbling about the weather effects. Here are two prompts for those moments of consciousness.

  1. From Annie Dillard: I cannot cause light. The most I can do is put myself in the path of its beam.
  2. From the Qu’ran (Koran): To God belongs the East and the West; and wherever you turn, there is the face of God.

May today be blessed for all of us!