I’ve been very busy during the past week, so much so that my “morning routine” has been disrupted, especially the twenty minutes I spend on my meditation mat in centering prayer. It sounds ridiculous to me that I haven’t been able to eke out 20 minutes from waking until leaving home to sit in the silence that fortifies me for the day. But on days like Saturday when I was out on the road by 6:20AM or when a phone call interrupts my progress or if I have forgotten to print some documents for a meeting…or any of a long list of delays makes the clock seem to move faster, I find myself in my car disappointed once again that I didn’t roll out of bed earlier.

I took some comfort this morning in Alan Cohen’s words, although I am also careful not to use them for an excuse. He says the following:

Our love for God is not measured by the rituals we do or the forms we create, but by the intentions of our heart. We may lead a busy lifestyle but if our soul is connected with Spirit, our daily activities become our communions…The great illusion of the world is that we are what we do. The great truth of Spirit is that we live from the heart or we do not live at all…What is your intention? If you truly seek to serve and give love, you cannot fail. (A Deep Breath of Life)

I’ll stop here so that today will be a new beginning. My meditation mat awaits!