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ajesusauthorityAffirmation can come from any source at any time. I have a present and clear example this morning of exactly what I needed as a first item being checked off on a full calendar of tasks and events today. In conversation yesterday with a colleague who is unable to be at a 3-day meeting this weekend because of the death of a close friend, he suddenly said, “Oh, I was supposed to be chaplain for the group!” (This is a position of prayer preparation for the days and is often also one of awareness of the need to take a break for silence in deliberation.) I told him I would do it for him and this morning wrote a brief message to the committee that said, “I have agreed to step into the role of chaplain for the meeting.” Three times I added clauses that said: “if you all agree” and “unless someone else desires to do it” and “if it’s okay with everyone.” Each time I erased the addition and finally said to myself: “Just do it!”

Next I picked up Alan Cohen’s A Deep Breath of Life and read the entry for 9/27 entitled “Real Authority.” The message could not have been clearer to me. Here is what it said, in part:

The words authority and authentic are derived from the same root word. When you are authentic, you proceed from the deepest place of empowerment within you, and your words and actions bear the most effective results. When you do not act authentically, you are not effective because you are moving from a place of fear or emptiness.

The Bible tells us that the people respected Jesus because “he spoke with authority. When we tap into our divinity, the true author, God, authorizes us to be authentic and, thus, we bear the highest and only authority.

Cohen concludes with a brief affirmation prayer that says: “Let me not hide my true power under a cloak of smallness or unworthiness.” And I say: Amen to that!