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asamuraiThinking about the situation of those in the path today of Hurricane Maria, people who will be blasted for the second time in two weeks by devastation, I picked up Meg Wheatley’s book, Perseverance, since there is nothing I can say of any relevance on my own. What I found was a quote from a 14th century Japanese Samurai Warrior. It was not what I was looking for but did make me think. What if it seemed I had lost everything? I mused. What would be left that would make me refuse to lie down and die? The answer focused on inner strength and so I repeat it here as a hope for those whose lives seem empty at this moment and a way to consider hope when all outer hope is gone.

  • I have no parents: I make the heavens and earth my parents.
  • I have no home: I make awareness my home.
  • I have no divine power: I make honesty my divine power.
  • I have no means: I make understanding my means.
  • I have no magic secrets: I make character my magic secrets.
  • I have no miracles: I make right action my miracles.
  • I have no friends: I make my mind my friend.
  • I have no enemy: I make carelessness my enemy.
  • I have no armor: I make benevolence and righteousness my armor.

Think on these things and then, perhaps, create your own list of your inner strengths.