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arosepeaceYesterday my co-facilitator, Cheryl, and I were speaking about today’s book-club meeting. We’ll be considering chapter 4 of the book No Ordinary Time, by Jan Phillips. Both of us commented on our hesitation when considering the chapter title: “The Mystery of Evil.” We admitted we’d rather skirt that one in favor of the uplifting discussions we’ve encountered thus far. No worries. Jan has a way of stirring up readers and motivating to action so that anything (like saving the world) seems possible. Here are some thoughts from the introduction to the chapter that will most likely form the basis for our conversation today.

…there’s nothing I struggle with more, nothing I know less about than the nature of evil. It is everywhere around us, advancing as exponentially as we appear to be advancing in intelligence. It is the shadow to our light, and therefore I suspect, it will always be with us. But I am hopeful, as I believe along with Helen Keller that “although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it…”

This is not the Middle Ages. This is the time in history when humans have become aware of ourselves as agents of evolution. It is not happening to us, but through us. It is not a higher caliber of weaponry that will bring our success, but a higher caliber of consciousness…

And because we are dealing with an entirely new worldview, with the creation of a new myth, based not on separation and a fall from grace, but on oneness and ascendancy into our true potential, the revelations of our collective wisdom will take some time to supersede the old myths. They will meet with opposition, cynicism and a wild clamoring against change. Since so many are profiting from things as they are, and since we collectively fear letting go of the known, the forerunners of change will be addressing minds that are closed and frightened. And this is the great challenge for any emergent prophet or visionary – to know that one’s ideas will be criticized and resisted, yet to dare to speak, knowing that these thoughts are the only building blocks we have to a new and safer world. (No Ordinary Time, pp.89, 91)

Well said, indeed!