The psalm refrain from today’s lectionary readings tells us that “the Lord remembers his covenant forever.” That evoked two responses in me: #1. Am I conscious each day of God’s covenantal relationship with me?  #2. Do I live in a way that expresses my covenantal relationship with God?

As I write those questions I become aware of further questions arising. I would always answer “YES!” or at least “Yes.” to the first question, depending on how aware I am at the time of the workings of God in my life. The second question causes me to ponder how exactly I manifest my faith in that sacred trust between us. There is a translation of Psalm 105 that gives a vibrant example of what this consciousness might look like. Here are the most evocative lines:

O God, we rise in thanks to call upon your name; we rise to spread the tidings of your deeds. We rise to sing you songs of praise recounting every word in music’s voice…Remember, remember everything you can recall, remember every work and wonder, remember every word God speaks to you in wisdom…

May this kind of remembering (that may take some time and deep searching) bring you peace and joy and confidence in God’s love.