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abutterflyThree impressions opened before me a moment ago that were like steps to a conclusion. Here was the order: 1. As I turned on my computer I thought: “July first. New month, new incentive.” 2. My eye fell on the title of a book that someone had recently given me for our library. It’s called A Way Without Words and is subtitled A Guide for Spiritually Emerging Adults. 3. I read the prayer and affirmation for July first in Alan Cohen’s book, A Deep Breath of Life. Taken together those two said, “Help me remember my purpose and live the highest life possible. I honor my purpose of divine expression. I am here to love, learn and serve.

I’d say that’s a good start for the month that holds our country’s celebration of  independence, traditional vacation time for many, the fullness of nature’s cycle of growth and so much more. It’s a good day to renew myself, to begin where new projects appear on the horizon or begin again to put energy into intentions that have lost their verve. May we all be renewed physically and spiritually as we accept this day, the half-way point of 2017.