I thought that perhaps we could all use a little Hafiz this morning. Or maybe it’s just my own desire for inspiration that comes down to us from the inspired Sufi poet of the 14th century who has a way of wrapping truth up in images that grab us in places deeper than our everyday parlance. Here’s a snippet from a poem called Out of God’s Hat. (I’m writing it in prose form here.) See if you can let go of an intellectual assessment of his words and be led along the imaginal path of inner seeing.

The Friend has turned my verse into sacred pollen. When a breeze comes by falcons and butterflies and playful gangs of young angels mounted on emerald spears take flight from me like a great sandstorm that can blind you to all but the Truth! Dear one, even if you have no net to catch Venus my music will circle this earth for hundreds of years and fall like resplendent debris, holy seed, onto a fertile woman. For Hafiz wants to help you laugh at your every desire. Hafiz wants you to know your life within God’s arms, your dance within God’s arms is already perfect.