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noordinarytimebookcoverToday I’m meeting with Cheryl, my co-facilitator of our summer series on Jan Phillips book, No Ordinary Time. Jan’s workshop with us was so inspiring that Cheryl thought it a good idea to keep that awakening going and it seems that others – myself being the most enthusiastic – agree. (Check the “Events” page on our website for further information.) To prepare for our planning session, I decided to read a little of Jan’s Tuesday chapter. Here’s what she said:

Our spiritual practice tones our mindfulness muscles just as physical discipline might tone your abs. The results of mindfulness are tranquility, compassion, spiritual and social awareness, balance, bliss. I could go on. All this is guaranteed, but there is a minimal requirement. Daily practice. Hence, the word discipline…

We have disciplined ourselves to fasten our seatbelts, to put children in car seats, to stop smoking, for the most part, and these external disciplines promote our well-being. This discipline of interior practice promotes the well-being of our spirit and bodymind. And since we are to love others as we love ourselves, this is one way of fully loving ourselves… (p. 31, 33)

If you live close enough, won’t you consider joining us? If not, my suggestion is to gather a group yourselves and read the book together. I am certain that you won’t regret it.