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awindowlightWe haven’t had much morning sunshine lately but the light of dawn does come early now. As a first task this morning I felt the need to make a list of things to remember – contacts that are overdue from email, calls that I haven’t returned, “homework” for upcoming events…The last entry is something that generally only occurs to me with the morning sun: I must wash my bedroom window. How much more needful it appears when the sun shines! What a difference a little Windex and elbow grease would make.

In the gospel today Jesus says that he came into the world as light, so that everyone who believes may not remain in darkness. He also says he didn’t come to condemn the world but to save it. It’s only if we see the truth and reject it – maybe through laziness – that we get into trouble. While I know that speaking of my window as analogous to the light of God in the world is a totally ridiculous stretch, it does make me consider whether I am willing to make the effort to see clearly to the world outside of myself.

Psalm 67 calls out today from Ancient Songs Sung Anew a prayer that similarly lifts me toward the world outside. O God, the psalmist cries, have mercy upon us and bless us with the light streaming from your face. And so that here on earth we know and walk in your ways, restore us back to health again. May every person, every creature become an instrument of praise to you.

The sun is up over the mountain now – fully streaming toward the house. I can hardly see the tree beyond my window, so harsh are the remains of winter’s storms. It seems today must be the day to clear away the impediments to the light, both inner and outer, so that tomorrow may find me with a clearer mind, a lighter, brighter heart.