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I awoke this morning thinking about what Jan Phillips might like for breakfast. One might call this dedication to duty, as I will be charged with hospitality between her concert tomorrow evening and workshop on Saturday. I put that question on my virtual list of tasks for today and set about seeing if there was anything pertinent to this weekend that she offered me in her daily reflection for Thursday at lauds (sunrise). While I don’t believe that this was her intent, what I found was an excellent description of the person that I believe she has become. I share it with enthusiasm for what we might experience this weekend as well as a mirror for all of us in which we might find deeper purpose if we are willing to look and to change.

The true prophets of this time are the ones who are not just imagining, not just hoping for and waiting for the new dispensation to arrive, but actively bringing it into existence. They are stepping out of the old roles, abandoning what does not serve the common good. Rising above popular opinion, social conditioning, conformist behavior, prophets of today are daring to speak the unspeakable, as Copernicus did, as Galileo did, as the mystics and poets and scientists throughout the ages did, guiding us into fuller awareness, deeper imagining. To bring anything into existence, to be a creator of circumstances, we have to imagine the new, then speak the new, then usher it into reality with the fierce force of our belief in it. (No Ordinary Time, p.97)