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amonkeyI would have to look back in my posts to see if Monday is the day on which I am most likely to rely on the thoughts of others rather than my own in writing here. Perhaps it would make sense that the beginning of the work week would be fraught with plans and deadlines or regrets about what I did not accomplish during the weekend, in which case focus on creative thought might be more difficult. Whether or not that is sometimes the case, it is not so this morning, yet I am once again drawn to share what is to me an engaging and meaningful lesson from Alan Cohen’s book, A Deep Breath of Life. See if my choice is helpful for you.

Jungle lore tells that monkeys learned how to evade capture by making use of ease rather than force. Hunters would put some nuts in a glass jar with a rim smaller than its base. A monkey of inferior intelligence would reach into the jar and grab the nuts, but because the hand with the nuts in it was too large to fit through the rim, the animal would stand there struggling, and the hunter would grab him. The smarter monkeys, however, didn’t reach into the jar; they simply opened one palm and tilted the jar so the nuts fell into it. If you are trying to clutch onto something that won’t fit into your life naturally, that’s when you get caught. Accept what shows up, and you are free. Take advantage of the tide of events and life will support you in ways that you could not manipulate through anxious struggle.

Build on what is, rather than what isn’t, and you will be one with life.