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asnowplowThe big news today on the East Coast is the snow. We knew it was coming – toward us both from the West and from the South – so clearly that this time everyone had time to prepare. The reactions to these serious but relatively rare events now in New York State are interestingly various. There is joy in the young population because this kind of snow means a day off from school. Oh yes, and most teachers are as happy (if not more) as the students. For police and first responders there is a hope that people will heed the order to stay off the roads so that they can be cleared – especially in case of emergency. There is probably trepidation for necessary employees at hospitals and nursing homes as they venture out in service to others.

For some people being “cooped up” at home is nerve-wracking but those of us who love the opportunities it affords: reading, catching up on housework, maybe an afternoon nap, these days are a luxury. Of course, there is also concern for the homeless and people who lose electricity during these events.

I have no deep and meaningful thoughts this morning, just an awareness of the diversity of experiences of people here and around our country with something as elemental as the weather. My brother will be leaving for work soon in short sleeves with no concern for travel except the wild drivers on the California freeways, at the same time as I hear absolutely no traffic on our road connecting New York to Pennsylvania. Today, then, I hope to spend a little extra time praying for the safety of all in our country and the world and in gratitude for those whose major work is to keep us safe.