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alaughToday at the Sophia Center for Spirituality we begin a five-part series on Mindfulness. It is an attempt to help everyone who comes find ways to go deeper in conscious living, offering practices to help them on their spiritual journey. In a section of her 6:00 Monday text in No Ordinary Time, Jan Phillips writes the following that I think is a great beginning for this effort:

When I think of people I know who are lights in the world, I think of my friends who are fun-loving, imaginative, in love with the lives they are creating day by day. They are the ones who laugh a lot, sing a lot, cry freely, hug tenderly. They talk about themselves, not others. They are spellbound at life’s mysteries. They are the ones with more questions than answers. If they are striving for anything, it is to be free of illusion, one with What Is. Their actions are connected to their values. They are their thoughts, their words, their feelings. They are the light they believe themselves to be. (p. 16)

Then Jan asks two questions that seem fitting for our search for this inner light. See if you are able to answer them for yourselves as a guide for the day: How have you learned to be compassionate with yourself so you can better love others? What new things are you discovering about who you are and why you do things? (p. 16)

If you live within range of our Center, you may want to join us to continue the exploration. If not, won’t you consider being mindful of us and in that way adding to the energy of light that we put into the world today?