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alistenAs the 9:00 hour approaches this morning, I look for something that makes sense to share. Jan Phillips never disappoints to urge me on – especially from her book, No Ordinary Time. I go to Monday at Terce, the monastic 9:00 hour, and find two paragraphs which, taken together, give me enough for today.
Every day we experience dozens of encounters. We hear people say things. We notice the behaviors of people. We see and hear ourselves talking and acting. We’re in the school of life all day long, but what do we make of it? What do we say at the dinner table when they ask, “What did you learn today?”   (p. 19)
Meet this day with clarity and be a light in the darkness. Unfold your arms and let others in. Listen and speak like your life depended on every utterance. Practice truthfulness. Say things about yourself and others in a kindly way. Direct conversations in an upward spiral. Do not collude in negativity. Finding calm in this storm is a matter of mindfulness. We can be at peace every moment if we meet it with awareness and remember our source. The moment we choose peace, it is ours. (p. 20)