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awidowThere is a subtle theme of healing in what I have read this morning, first in an alternate reading of Psalm 146 and then in a quote from Alan Cohen. There is so much to be healed in the world right now that seems impossible to correct that I continue to be drawn to working on inner methods rather than external actions. The psalm and its commentary seem to me to segue into Cohen’s thought and give me an impetus for the flow of my day.

PS 146:5-8 The infinite source of heaven and earth and brimming seas keeps unbroken faith and solemn promises. For the downtrodden God is justice; for the hungry God is food. For those in prison God is freedom; all our blindness God can cure. God’s compassion flows to the broken hearted and seeks out those whose ways are just, for God loves the stranger in our midst and holds the widows and the orphans close.

COMMENTARY: This Psalm speaks not merely of personal wounds, but of political and social wounds and ills as well. To sing a song of healing for the world is part of the redemptive work that human beings are called to. Do you see yourself as a healer?

COHEN: Do what is healing for your spirit and without effort you will offer the world healing in return. (prayer) Direct me to the work that will feed my soul that I may feed others as well.