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aprayerI was just looking at some intercessory prayers for liturgies and was reminded of a common practices in our local Catholic Church (and many others, I’m sure). After the formally written intentions are spoken at Sunday liturgy the reader always asks, For what else shall we pray? and individuals in the congregation shout out their needs.

It occurred to me recently that while I daily ask God to be present to me and me to be present to God in my practice of centering prayer, I don’t intentionally pray otherwise for myself with any regularity. It was an interesting realization as I certainly think there are ways in which I benefit from the prayer of others. Moreover, I could quickly make a list of shortcomings in my life that I would happily live without and virtues that I would dearly love to cultivate. It strikes me that this could be a good spiritual practice – to consciously ask for specifics of my personal betterment along with my pleas for peace in the world, for those devastated by weather events and health for those who have asked our prayers.

A little late to the game of New Year’s resolutions, I think this practice of humility might be just the ticket to get me on the bus toward renewal and transformation! We shall see…