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anawarenessIn a section of the Thursday reflections that I was reading this morning in No Ordinary Time by Jan Phillips, I found the following paragraph particularly appropriate for now. See if you agree.

The only access we have to our authenticity is the pathway through the heart, and we must keep this channel open, at all costs. We must look deeply into our world, into its heartbreak, into the eyes of our sisters and brothers, and let these images awaken our senses, expand our awareness, and jolt our memories back to the truth of our oneness. It is not altruism, not charity, not selflessness that will open the gates to our own magnitude. It is awareness. And when awareness is fleshed out in the experience of our lives, it culminates in the events of relationship, of collaboration and cooperation. (p. 115).

N.B. Jan will be at the Sophia Center for Spirituality in Binghamton, New York on April 28 & 29. Please visit our website for more information on the EVENTS page.