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asunriseoversnowI had a schedule change for today. I was supposed to have two spiritual direction appointments but circumstances (not mine) changed and gave me a day at home. I spent my first hour (uncharacteristically) in the kitchen chatting since, wanting to tell the Sisters about the change in schedule, I sat down and ended up having coffee and leisurely conversation with Liz. As I came back to my room and looked out my window I noticed that it was snowing very gently. I had a thought that I’m sure many people would think ridiculous. It came quickly and with a smile. I heard myself say in my mind, “I’m so lucky to live in the Northeast where it snows!” While it is true that the snow today is not likely to cause accidents on the road or loss of electricity in homes so the concept does admit of exceptions, there is certainly an upside to snow events. Young people and teachers know the enthusiasm of snow days from school! My reflection includes that feeling, but is somewhat deeper. Watching the soft, slow falling to earth of it makes the snow a model of slowing down and the fact that it doesn’t make a sound as it falls is the major benefit. If I take the opportunity to go outside later today, I know I will be enveloped in silence and light. Who could ask for more than that?