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aspiritualpathFor those of you reading this message who have no other connection to the Sophia Center for Spirituality than the blog, whether because of distance or focused interest, I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join us in our end-of-year fundraising campaign. Please take time to read the letter below and consider a donation. It is my privilege to write nearly every day and I am grateful to know that people far and wide are sharing in this on-going project. We hope to continue all the work of the Sophia Center into the future. Your gift will help to make this a reality. Thank you!

Dear Friends near and far,

As we approach the end of our third full year of existence here at The Sophia Center for Spirituality, I continue to give thanks for all the blessings that have come to us as we endeavor to serve people who are seeking ways to deepen their spiritual lives. To those who have come along on this journey we have offered quiet retreats, bi-monthly centering prayer sessions, Taizé chanting once a month, exploration of the tenets of other faith traditions and tapping into the deeper side of Christianity at a Wisdom School. All of these and more have become part of our programming for the people of our region of Central New York and beyond.

Helen Daly had a vision for the spread of “Wisdom Work” in its many forms in wider and wider circles. A generous grant from her estate has enabled us to continue the mission of the Sophia Center. As is always true, however, organizations such as ours cannot continue to function indefinitely from of one source of funding. It is time for us now to give others the privilege of joining in the effort to raise the consciousness of all people to unity in diversity. This goal of ours is becoming more urgent as it is seen in stark contrast to world events and personal tragedies that seem to escalate with the passing of each day. A spiritual path can open the door to wisdom leading the seeker to hope, to trust in potential, and to inner peace. This we believe. This we strive to achieve together. Won’t you join us?

With sincere gratitude,
Sister Lois A. Barton, CSJ
Program Director, The Sophia Center for Spirituality

(We are grateful for your donation which is tax deductible. Go to our website’s donation link via Paypal (click HERE), or send your check payable to The Sophia Center for Spirituality at 30 Main St, Binghamton, NY 13905.)