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awinter6:26am. No inkling of any light in the sky. The sound of one car braving the cold (17 F degrees). I know it must be snowing as all the reports last night telling of 45 states where snow will be a hazard today are likely true of us, but I cannot yet tell. Too tired to think much I turn to Macrina Wiederkehr for help, for a word…She says:

Out of darkness we come passing through dawn into day. Holding hands with dawn we clothe ourselves with light. We clothe ourselves with day. Out of the night we come, bathed and cradled in light, reaching through the dawn, we cover ourselves with day. Our beautiful bowl of life, so full of eternal questions, is filled to the brim with new light. Morning light, be kind, help us find peace of mind this day. (Seven Sacred Pauses, p.64)

May it be so.