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ablessedmotherThinking today about a song dedicated to Mary, the mother of Jesus (Gentle Woman), I am reminded of her wonderful role in the lives of many women through the centuries, especially mothers. As the song sings praise to Mary, it opens out in a lovely last verse with the words: Blessed are you among women! Blessed in turn all women too! Blessed are they with gentle spirits; blessed they with peaceful hearts…Mary knew very early her role in life. Her consent was required, as is ours. Today I offer three quotes that speak to me of the fullness of her consent even while not knowing what God would ask of her going forward. I suggest we all (men too!) think on these things in light of our own willingness to consent to God’s action in our lives.

I belong to the Lord, body and soul. Let it happen as you say. (LK 1:38 – J.B. Phillips translation)

Creator of the Dawning Sun, draw me with your eternal energy. Filter your transforming glow through every inner fiber of mine until I am transparent with the power of your enlightening beauty. (A prayer of Joyce Rupp)

I cannot cause light. The most I can do is to put myself in the path of its beam. (Annie Dillard)