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acreationI have little to add today to all the wise and uplifting things that have been said about the word thanks or the action of giving thanks. Each of us has our own reasons for gratitude and ways of expressing it. If we say, as I often do, that right relationship is a foundational concept for acting in this world and that the concept extends not only to humans but to all creation and to the Creator as well, then today ought to be a continuous conversation of gratitude as we recognize the blessings that we have given and received.

That having been said, it seems that we humans have a special responsibility for gratitude, having been given the gift of self-reflective consciousness. Although all of creation sings of God’s love and beauty, here’s how a modern translation of Psalm 145 expresses what I mean about our participation: For we are instruments of beauty that extend your reign; our voices speak of power that is ever yours/Till all may know and understand your energies and live within the splendor of your realm. (vs. 11-12)

Thanksgiving Blessings to all!