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atrafficI heard on the news last night that (if I remember exactly) 49.6 million Americans will be traveling during this Thanksgiving holiday week. I presume that means driving or flying somewhere, rather than walking down the block or across the yard. It’s always “iffy” at this time of year and with the weather of the past few days I’m sure there have been a lot of disappointed and/or frustrated folks on the highways and in airports. Then there are people like my sister who arrived from Pennsylvania yesterday as she wraps up a two-week “road trip” to visit friends in Virginia, Washington, DC and Maryland. She sat on Route 81 in Pennsylvania which had become a parking lot, waiting for only a bit less than an hour for a large boat to be resettled on its carrier. Not knowing what had happened up ahead, she sang at first with the music of her CD that was playing but then reached for the book next to her on the seat (an essential companion on any trip) until things got moving again.

This morning, in addition to gratitude that I am at home and have my cheery sister added to the mix of my small community, what came to mind as I considered the number of travelers was the adage, “Wherever you go, there you are.” I hope that tomorrow can be for others what I expect the day will hold for us: peaceful preparation of good food for the body and the grace of presence that is the true essence of Thanksgiving.