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aenlightenmentWell, the storm that promised my “play date” in Latham took a breath yesterday and allowed me to travel home in safety. Overnight, in a second wave, what we had expected finally arrived so that schools are closed and the directive is for all of us to stay home today. Still looking for light (see yesterday’s post), I turned to a new book by Alan Cohen, A Deep Breath of Life, subtitled Daily Inspiration for Heart-Centered Living. I wasn’t disappointed as the selection for today began with a man looking for a lost key under a streetlamp. When a helpful friend asked if he knew where he was standing when he lost the key, the man indicated a tree 30 feet away. “Then why are you looking here?” the friend asked. “Because there is more light over here,” the man answered.

Cohen is suggesting that we tend to look to easy answers for things rather than confronting our deeper issues. He says, “Enlightenment is an inside job. Doing more in the outer world will not result in more peace; only being more will get us what we want. Peace is attained by letting go of everything that distracts us from it.” The thought for the day in bold letters at the bottom of the page is the simple sentence that I was looking for as a guide for this snow-covered day.

In quiet I look within and discover the light I am.