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alightIt appears that we will be snowed in here today. The effort of the meeting facilitators yesterday to finish early today – by noon – was futile as there is a new and complicating wind advisory in the path of most of us toward home. Up early, we have already been checking maps and forecasts on television or computer or both. Nothing changes as we watch. It is only our willingness to surrender to this first winter event that will change anything (read: us!). So what will we do with this time that will likely stretch until at least tomorrow?

When I began to read today’s selection from St. Paul’s letter to the Colossians, the first verse gave me pause. Brothers and sisters, he said, let us give thanks to God who has made you worthy to share the inheritance of the holy ones in light. (COL 1:12) That line is, in itself, worthy of reflection but I found it serendipitously more intriguing because of an e-mail message I received late yesterday. The e-mail came from the same person who had started the chain involving our “wisdom community” that I quoted here after our national elections. Rebecca wrote: So there is something about light that is drawing me, urgent in its continuing to show up. Physical Light, the metaphor of Light, the way the eye sees and the brain – it’s coming from lots of places. So I’m writing to ask you to play with me on this – what do you know about light?

This is an attractive thought for what may indeed become a “play date” with God and God’s friends. I rarely feel that I have the luxury of this kind of “day off” but today the invitation is strong with – apparently – nowhere else I need to go. So why not engage the silence that will be necessary to open up deeper channels of knowing…of seeing…of considering Light? There is already in my inbox an amazing response by one of our more poetic companions.

Question: What would it cost you to enter our playing field or engage your own circle in the dance? Whatever you choose, have a nice day.