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img_7883As I look out a west-facing window this morning in Latham, New York, I am drawn in by the reflection of what is happening on the other side of the building that I cannot see. The golden blaze of the rising sun is visible to me on the trees that still hold many of their leaves, burnished gold by this date but receptive to the illumination of the sunrise. This is a season of surprise as we are amazed when the temperature reaches 65 or 70 degrees Fahrenheit and then hear that tomorrow we will be shoveling snow! The environment can be such a goad to our learning of patience in swift change, all the while giving us gifts of beauty and terrifying power at the same moment sometimes.

I wonder what all that means for this day of meetings and consideration of how to best meet change. Perhaps it’s one more way for the Spirit of God to say, “Wake up! Be ready to be malleable. Soften your gaze on the world and on the person next to you. Greet each moment with expectancy and willingness. Never be disappointed when you are surprised by events; rather let the realizations seep into your soul where acceptance sits waiting for what is to come.”

Well, the Spirit seems full of conversation this morning so I best get going to join the repartee!