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asolitudeOver the last eleven years I have become part of an ever- expanding community of seekers under the tutelage of Cynthia Bourgeault, author of groundbreaking books and leader of retreats and “schools” offering insights into the deep stream of wisdom that exists as the bedrock of Christianity and, one could add, of all the world’s major faith traditions. This past week there has been a steady stream of e-mail messages among us – mostly brief but meaningful – as a result of the outcome of our national elections. This morning, I re-visited the 29 of those received that I have saved for further pondering. It seems to me that they echo the last line of this morning’s gospel reading which says, By perseverance you will secure your lives. (LK 21:19). Here are just a few of their “wisdom words” for your consideration:

Jane: I am holding hope and stillness along with sadness.

Bob: Business as usual is over. Time to dig deep and find ways to connect our lives more fully with what is broken in the world. Time for risk-taking in our own lives.

Lisa: …time to be still, quiet and receive…time to re-member.

Bill: Today, maybe even for just a short while, we weep. The tears can purify the heart and keep us from acting with too much anger and/or reactivity…