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astarWhat follows is only the beginning of a text found in Teilhard de Chardin’s book, The Heart of Matter. It touched me with its power so I offer it as my thought for this third day of my retreat.

Blessed be you, harsh matter, barren oil, stubborn rock: you who yield only to violence, you who force us to work if we would eat. Blessed be you, perilous matter, violent sea, untamable passion: you who unless we fetter you will devour us. Blessed be you, mighty matter, irresistible march of evolution, reality ever new-born: you who, by constantly shattering our mental categories, force us to go ever further and further in our pursuit of the truth. Blessed be you, universal matter, immeasurable time, boundless ether, triple abyss of stars and atoms and generations: you who by overflowing and dissolving our narrow standards or measurement reveal to us the dimensions of God. (p.75)