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anargueThe message that I sent yesterday from Teilhard de Chardin continues with an idea that I find particularly apt for our country today. He says the following:

This restless multitude, confused or orderly, the immensity of which terrifies us; this ocean of humanity whose slow, monotonous wave-flows trouble the hearts even of those whose faith is most firm: it is to this deep that I desire all the fibers of my being should respond. All the things in the world to which this day will bring increase; all those that will diminish: all those too that will die: all of them, Lord, I try to gather into my arms, so as to hold them out to you in offering. This is the material of my sacrifice; the only material you desire. (Hymn of the Universe)

May our response to all that is today be of benefit and blessing to our world so in need of peace and harmony!