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awakeIt doesn’t pay to oversleep by two hours after normal rising time. This morning upon deciding that 5:15 was too early to abandon my bed, I went back to sleep for what seemed just a few minutes. My phone display, however, disagreed by showing 8:05! That spells disaster on a day when I planned to cook breakfast for an overnight guest  who was due at a meeting at 9:00. I guess it was obvious when I arrived in the kitchen five minutes later that I had just awakened; the smiles that greeted me witnessed to my groggy state. But I managed scrambled eggs and some welcome conversation. When Cathy left, however, I quickly got into “zoom” mode and practically fell over myself trying to do four absolutely-necessary-this-morning tasks at the same time. Suddenly I realized that no one was observing me with a stopwatch – the pressure was all mine! – and I began to breathe a little more consciously. I have now accomplished at least three of those necessary tasks and it’s only 12:53PM! Not so bad…and I am calmly approaching the rest of the day.

The psalm response from today’s lectionary readings made me smile as I turned to writing. The last verses included these words: Hide me in the shadow of your wings, Lord…(such a snuggly, comforting image of today)…on waking, I shall be content in your presence. Ps. 17:8,15) With a bit of hustle and bustle in between the hiding under God’s wings and waking up to the presence that is always with me, I can honestly say that today is a very good day!