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afutureThere’s a lot of distress about the future in our country and the world these days. It’s often really difficult to see how we will overcome the negative forces that seem to surround us on every front. Sometimes it’s important just to stop and take stock of where we stand and what we believe is possible. Meg Wheatley, in her book Turning to One Another asks the question: What is my faith in the future? and then offers the following thoughts.

Where does the future come from? It often feels these days as if the future arrives from nowhere. Suddenly things feel unfamiliar, we’re behaving differently, the world doesn’t work the way it used to. We’re surprised to find ourselves in this new place – it’s uncomfortable and we don’t like it.

The future doesn’t take form irrationally, even though it feels that way. The future comes from where we are now. It materializes from the actions, values, and beliefs we’re practicing now. We’re creating the future every day, by what we choose to do. If we want a different future, we have to take responsibility for what we are doing in the present.

After discussing several examples of how we might accept that responsibility and move forward, she concludes with the following statement. We have sufficient human capacities – to think and reflect together, to care about one another, to act courageously, to reclaim the future. These great human capacities moved into action are what give me faith in the future. (p. 64, 67)

What is your “faith quotient” right now? How will you work toward its realization?