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ablueskyHave you ever had a day when you were blocked at every turn? When everything you tried to do became impossible to complete for some reason or another? You know, when the internet doesn’t cooperate and you have 35 e-mails to answer or a committee report is due or you left all the important papers at the office…Well, that’s my today. (I am only typing this message because of having left my house to do so.) I won’t go into the gory details but suffice it to say I feel as if I have wasted a lot of time today.

So now that I have the possibility of writing, is there a message in the Scripture? As usual, I end up laughing out loud at something – today, Psalm 37:4. Take delight in the Lord, the psalmist says, and God will grant your heart’s request! “Really???” I reply as I try to hold onto the feeling that laughter can evoke so I won’t settle back into the mood of the day. I begin to think about what there is in the day that could be classified as delightful.

I guess the “true blue dream of sky” would take first place in the delightful contest…and the accompanying puffy, amazingly white clouds were a close second. I was riding the lawn mower (which, happily, was in working order today!) and the breeze was cool and freeing. Thinking on that made me go back to the beginning of the quote and realize that in taking delight in creation I was obviously delighting in the Source of creation as well. I could probably – if I tried hard enough – find a flip side of the frustrating experiences…if only that I got to revel in this lovely early-autumn day rather than writing that annoying report. And how could I miss the fact that in the mowing experience of today, I know again my heart’s request to consciously find God in everything! All that is left is to say Thank You!