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aoppositeAs I was pondering the state of our nation this morning, I came across the following paragraph from my friend, Jan Phillips, and thought it was worth copying, in hopes that repeating it might offer the energy in what it says to more people, thereby strengthening the resolve for change in us. May it be so.

“It takes more than a vision to make a visionary. It takes a rigorous discipline of mindfulness and a meticulous undoing of old habits. It requires the capacity to not simply withstand the tension of opposites, but to become the mechanism for their transformation, to contain and direct the power that is generated as they fuse and ignite. Just as a battery cable needs to be connected to the positive and negative poles to give it the power to recharge a dead battery, so it is with us. If we learn to bring the opposites together in our own lives – to welcome ideas that differ, to embrace people from different cultures and creeds – then we learn, as well, the alchemy of evolutionary creativity.”
(No Ordinary Time, p.129)

P.S. For those of you within driving distance of Binghamton, NY:
Plans are in the works for an event with Jan in the spring of next year – so
stay tuned!