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araindropsToday there is a different sound outside my open window, one I don’t remember hearing since the leafing out of the trees was complete in the spring. It’s raining, a steady drenching rain that makes itself known in the sound of its passing through those leaves on its way to ground. Oh, we’ve had showers and the occasional rumbling of thunder with five minute sprinkles but this is different; this is like a long drink of cold water on a hot day. The birds are silent, most likely hunkered down like all of us humans trying to stay dry, but the farmers must be – no doubt – dancing with joy. I’m happy for the farmers and the animals and the tasseling corn. I’m happy for people everywhere who are thirsty and whose water has not been polluted by design or by neglect.

The psalmist wrote that the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. Some of us seem to have forgotten this truth along the way and need to repent our disregard by becoming more attentive. All of us ought to be mindful of the earth in a way that guarantees a long life for her and all who dwell here. I find today a good day to strengthen my resolve to pay attention as I can’t really ignore the fact that it’s raining. How will you become aware of the amazing gift of God that is our planet, our home?