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God's Saving Hand reaching for the faithful

I have a lot to accomplish today – deadlines are everywhere – and it is so muggy out (and inside my head) I feel as if I can hardly move, never mind think! But then I read just four verses from Psalm 80 (1-3, 16) and my determination to cooperate with the grace I know exists comes flooding in. Well, it actually started as a trickle but has increased already as I write. Here are the words that are my impetus this morning for my small agenda and, as I think of it, might be a starter prayer of petition to get our country and the world back on track.

Listen, O Shepherd of humanity, leading your people like a flock, let your splendor come flashing forth and shine in beauty from the throne that rides the wings of the cherubim. Rise up, come strong among our tribes and clans, and with your overflowing love recall us back to life, O God of all, so we may see the shining brilliance of your face. Yes, that will be enough for us, for we will be restored to you again…Reach out your hand to us again and make us strong, so we may be as we once were.