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Most nights I wake up knowing that I have been dreaming but without any sense of the content of the dreams. This morning as I read an alternate translation of the psalm for today, several quick dream images jumped into view. They seem unconnected and inscrutable but I wonder if they were brought forth by the call of the psalm which is a lovely way to begin the morning. Listen:

O God, we rise in thanks to call upon your name; we rise to spread the tidings of your deeds. We rise to sing you songs of praise recounting every work and word in music’s voice; we rise to sing in honor of your holy name. Let every seeker’s heart rejoice and search for you with all their strength until they stand before the beauty of your face, remembering. Remember, remember everything you can recall, remember every work and wonder, remember every word God speaks to you in wisdom…(Ps. 105: 1-5)

I am fairly certain I’ve used those words before. This morning it has the feeling of the famous prayer of St. Patrick’s Breastplate, first calling to God and then to ourselves, urging remembrance. No matter, I suppose, if it is a repetition since new eyes will see it today, just as I see it with new eyes and feel the call more deeply in my heart.