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acornfieldYesterday I was home all day attempting to achieve some order in my bedroom, my calendar, my state of being. It’s always like this at some point as our fiscal year draws to a close (today!) and this time I was a little late to the task. I wrote checks to pay doctors who have kept me on a healthy path for another year, I shredded no longer useful papers and moved some to my file cabinet, responded to and deleted e-mails and did the accounting necessary to reconcile my part of our house expense budget. By 6:00, with some sense of accomplishment, I went downstairs to join again the world of conversation, having had enough of “business” for the day and feeling a need for some balance for my brain. I took up my knitting and Liz put down her book to talk with me so order was finally, fully restored.

Today I will be back to my more familiar and comfortable routine of meeting with people. My morning will be spent with Mary Pat, our creative mind, in the on-going process of planning our after-summer program offerings for the Sophia Center. I always like to watch what happens in those conversations. Sometimes I liken it to the corn now growing in the field around the corner. The ideas are seeded, start to germinate and then, without my notice, they come back in full ripeness. I could never achieve that alone! My afternoon promises additional meaningful conversation in two appointments that bespeak the meaning of the adage: What’s seldom is wonderful. I cannot imagine a better day “at work.”

People tell me I’m “so busy” and I have come to recognize more clearly that I do have many irons in the fire, so to speak. I am realizing this morning, however, that it’s a question of attitude and approach to tasks that keeps life in balance. I am very blessed in where I live and in the life that has evolved for me. I could spin from one thing to another with only the anxiety of time constraints pushing me – as I occasionally do – or I could look at everything as I have described above – the necessary tasks and the lovely encounters all turning with the rhythm of the days – and simply be grateful for the gifts I have been given. It’s sometimes a delicate balance, but one that behooves us to notice, regardless of what fills our life. Surrendering to what is and willingness to “enter the general dance,” as Thomas Merton says, seems the way to maintain equilibrium on a daily basis.

So now I go to meet my favorite dancing partner in my morning meditation. Have a blessed day, everyone!