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ukThe first thing I saw as my computer came on line this morning was the headline about the result of Great Britain’s vote to leave the European Union. That showed up on the same screen with a headline quote of Bernie Sanders for people in the US to “beat the establishment.” It seems that the way of doing things not only in our country, where the expectation that Sanders would have graciously bowed out by now, and in Europe, where the economic ramifications will be epic, are changing incontrovertibly with consequences that cannot possibly be predicted in the present. Add to that the “sit-in” in our House of Representatives this week and we cannot possibly ignore the tumult that is upon us and growing in the world.

Ironically, today the Church celebrates the feast dedicated to John the Baptist, the harbinger of change whose mission was to prepare the way for the appearance of Jesus in the world. John’s call was to repentance toward a new way of life. Often stopping at a consciousness of sin for which one asks forgiveness, we forget the full meaning of metanoia – a synonym for repentance – that calls for a complete turning of one’s life around, going in a totally different direction. Although John’s way to this new life (renunciation/abstention from anything liable to lead one to sin) was different from that of Jesus (kenosis/welcoming everything but letting it all go, pouring himself out in love) their goal was the same. One might say they were both focused on “unity consciousness” – moving toward God’s will in this world in service to the whole.

In this time of tumult, politically and spiritually, may we pray and work for a turning that will open the eyes of people to see that diversity need not mean division, that peace is possible and that moving toward in our turning is the only way to come together for the good of all.