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amotherIf you read the title of today’s blog first, you might think (as I did in typing it) of Saint Monica, who prayed for years for the conversion to a better way of life for her son, Augustine. But no, today’s two main readings depict stories of two widowed mothers – one in Zarephath in the Old Testament (1 KGS17:17-24), who encountered the prophet Elijah, and one in Nain (LK 7:11-17), who met up with Jesus. Both had sons that were close to death and both were healed through their mothers’ intercession. Even St. Paul got into the conversation, if obliquely. He was recounting the story of his conversion and some of his travels to people in Galatia and said the following: “God, who from my mother’s womb set me apart, was pleased to reveal his son to me.” (GAL 1:1-9).

I suspect there are many mothers who spend quite a bit of time each day conversing with God about their children – and not only when their children are young! It seems part of the “job description” of motherhood and all of us who have had the blessing of a mother who took the task seriously ought to thank them and thank God for listening to them. And maybe some, like my mother, have a closer position (re: God’s ear) these days as they watch over us from God’s vantage point. Praise be to God for mothers and those who have fulfilled that role for us in this life!